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    Blockchain business monetisation ICO

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    The most important requirements of any investor are investments security and their profitable placement. "Platinum" project team has developed a new tool that meets both of these expectations. By attracting investments to our trust management, we control them at all stages of the project, providing investors with high dividends. 
    The company "Platinum Coin s.r.o." raises funds for the implementation of a high-profile project on the basis of an already created ecosystem at its own expense with the same name "Platinum". The ecosystem prepared for further use includes the crypto currency "Platinum Coin" already circulating in the market with wallets for Windows, MacOS and Linux, its own crypto exchange "PlatEx", as well as the investment and insurance fund "Platinum". This fund will serve to insure the promises given by the project team to investors, as well as for the subsequent monetization of commodity businesses interested in it. The implementation of the idea is carried out through the example of the trade and production holding "Irbis Group". Our purpose is to create a tool with the help of which the production and trade enterprises will not only be able to get the investments they need for the development, but constantly increase their volume in proportion to their economic growth. At the same time, the introduction of blockchain into business process automation and preparing reports for investors will make the project fully open to all the Parties interested in its implementation.

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  • Reality (Real World)

    Internal and external business monetisation

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    Pre ICO

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    Roman Dinkevych

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  • Start date (UTC time)

    Thursday, 14 June 2018 09:20

  • Finish date (UTC time)

    Saturday, 14 July 2018 09:20

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  • Hard cap USD or EUR

    20000000 USD

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  • Asset title

    Platinum Coin

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