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    CoinPlace is multi-currency P2P market. Here one can buy and exchange any cryptocurrencies or tokens into fiat money. On can quicly register an ICO project at CoinPlace and trade in digital assets from any place of the world.

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    CoinPlace – is the first direct trade of ICO-tokens and
    cryproassets ( Bitcoin and altcoins).
    CoinPlace will attract and place on the platform more than 150
    digital assets within a year.
    The project purpose is to become the most large-scale platform
    for development of digital economy.
    The business model of CoinPlace is estimated by experts not
    only as competitive, but also as demanded by its participants on
    the fast-growing market.

    The CoinPlace platform offers extensive capabilities for a safe exchange of digital
    assets based on blockchain technology.
    CoinPlace acts as the guarantor (“escrow service”) in such transactions. The actual
    transactions happen between users directly. Any intervention into the exchange process on
    the part of the platform would occur only in the event of an emergency, and the platform
    team will aim to keep such emergencies to a minimum.
    Our service is designed to handle a large number of crypto assets. A major focus is
    on a user-friendly mobile app, including instant user notifications.
    The CoinPlace platform will feature:
    ๏ An innovative system that allows users to trade in real crypto assets at prices
    below those charged at major exchanges, on win-win terms for sellers and buyers.
    This will be achieved using three innovative approaches to be implemented in the
    project on a phased basis over the course of eight months after CoinPlace launch.
    The approaches will be described in this document in detail by the time of the
    ๏ Support of P2P payment tools: from bank-to-bank wires to quasi-cash tools and
    payments via such systems as Contact and Western Union.
    ๏ The ability to buy ICO tokens not just with crypto assets (as is common practice
    now) but also with different kinds of fiat payment instruments.

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    If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency: at CoinPlace you can buy any. Choose the seller yourself and pay with fiat money or other assets. And you'll get a higher transaction speed than at crypto exchanges without registration and verification.. If you want to invest into ICO: at CoinPlace you’ll find a huge list of perspective ICO projects, and tokens can be bought for fiat money as well. If you want to launch an ICO campaign: at CoinPlace you can quickly register the project without payment for listing.

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  • BitcoinTalk

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    Stanislav Teo

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    Thursday, 01 February 2018 00:00

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    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 23:30

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    Coinplace tokens

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